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Augmented Reallty Artist
kenxxxooo | Kenichiro Takamatsu
I am an AR artist based in Tokyo Japan, here is my personal history until I met AR art:) In 2011, I traveled to Cambodia to make a documentary film as a videographer. In 2013, I moved to Cambodia with my wife to teach art and music at a local school as volunteers. In 2015, I began training talent for the local entertainment industry and established a local entertainment production company. In 2018, I produced a vocal unit and promoted them to become brand ambassadors for a major telecommunications company in the country, the following year, I discovered AR on Instagram when looking for a new tool to make a music video for the unit. I moved to Tokyo to start a new career as an AR artist in 2020 and was invited to the International AR Art Festival in Vancouver, Canada.
AR Art/Mural
Artwork using AR on Instagram and other forms of SNS. Augmented reality art that can be activated by pasting a QR into the caption of any new or existing work. Because it uses the functions of a commonly used app, it is easily accessible, and this method opens up new possibilities for artistic expression. Collaboration across borders is very easy, and new stories and/or concepts can be added to existing art/murals as entertainment without destroying the original concept or mural.

AR Mural at Shibuya Tokyo Japan
AR link | Location Link | Video


Collabration with FONKi based on Phnom Penh Cambodia
TWOONE Hiroyasu Tsuri based on Australia/Germany
AR link | Location Link | Video
Project Video


Collabration with Montemith based on Bangkok Thailand
AR link | Video


Collabration with Liarben based on Ho Chi Ming City Vietnam
AR link | Location Link | Video


VMF Winter ARts 2021 at Vancouver Canada
AR link | Web Site | Instagram


Collabration with Vivian based on Auckland New Zealand

Instagram Face Filter
My face filters are getting Over 100 Million Impressions on Instagram. The important feature more than the number of impressions for me is, how can I add “Funny (straight up funny!)” to people’s lives. I am constantly pursuing the coexistence of “silliness”, “addictiveness” and “coolness” while maintaining the impression of the original face. With over 100 million impressions, it's buzzing around the world.
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Live art collage
Solo Art Exhibition "ZOMBIE MUSEUM" at Phnom Penh Cambodia.
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Solo Art Exhibition ZOMBIE MUSEUM 2019
Acrylic Painting, Digital Painting, Live Painting, and Art Film.

Management of the InstaAR and SparkAR communities. InstaAR has the potential to become a basic expression tool for creators in the future. However, there are few opportunities and places to learn, and there are fewer artists using AR when comparing with other countries. To increase the number of AR artists, to show artists that AR has great potential for art and business, and to test new businesses using AR, we have started SUKESAN PARK (YouTube Channel) with Kassy and Toome. Our goal is to increase the number of AR artists, to show artists that AR has great potential for art and business, and to test new businesses that use AR.

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